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Cooking/Recipe Articles :: Cookware Reviews :: Waterless Cookware Review

Waterless Cookware Review

What is Waterless Cookware?

Whether it's boiling, roasting, poaching, or slow cooking, most of our traditional cooking methods require some amount of water to work correctly. But as anyone who's had a plate of limp, bland, overcooked broccoli placed before them knows, too much water can ruin the taste, texture, and attractiveness of your foods. By using specially-designed waterless cookware, however, you can create great-tasting, fresh-tasting foods in a fraction of the time.

Waterless pots and pans cook foods in their own natural juices, which not only retains flavor and texture, but also keeps the natural vitamins and minerals from being leached away during the cooking process. The result is food that tastes better, that is healthier and that keeps its natural bright colors and crispy texture even after it's cooked, all at the same time.

How does waterless cooking work?

The secret is in the special design of the cookware. Each pot and pan is made of high-quality stainless steel with an aluminum or copper plate at the bottom for ideal conduction of heat. An iron core completes the construction, retaining heat far longer than traditional cookware.

When food is placed in a waterless cooking device, the natural liquid begins to evaporate, causing the specially designed lid to form a seal. This keeps all of the liquid inside the cookware, stewing in its own juices.

Once the juices have sealed the lid and formed enough steam, a steam valve sounds a warning to turn off the heat on your range. The temperature inside the cookware will remain steady, thanks to the iron core, and the food will cook quickly and naturally.

Waterless cooking is an excellent way to save time, electricity, and money. Best of all, the foods you cook will be some of the best you have ever tasted, full of nutrients, and free of added fats and oils. This is a great addition to your stainless steel cookware and an all-around win for any cook!

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